Monday, April 27, 2015

W is for Worried - April A to Z Blog Challenge

For six solid weeks, Cole had been following Trent Dumas and he was getting seriously worried. This man had even less of a life than Cole did. Although he did apparently have a job which was something Cole didn’t have. The man went to work, went home, went to work. That was it. He saw not a single solitary sign of Abby.

Maybe his information was wrong. Maybe there wasn’t anything going on between them. He had no doubt that Abby wasn’t in town any more. But he assumed that she was close by, or that Trent would travel to see her and he could follow him to locate her.

After the first two weeks of little to no sleep, he realized that once Trent was home in the evening, he never left home again. Why was that? He had started going home after all the lights went out in the house and returning two hours before he left for work. Trent’s routine never varied. Why was that?

Wait a minute, wait a minute! There is only one explanation! How could I not realize? She must be in the house, that would explain it all. I was planning on replacing the watch tonight while he slept, but maybe I will go there now, and have my way with the bitch, while he is working thinking he will come home to his little woman. MY woman.

Cole went to the house, from the street behind, just like he did the night he took the pocket watch. He used his lock pick set to get in the back door and looked around. No signs of Abby, no sounds. She must still be sleeping. He went straight to the master bedroom, barely glancing around on his way. No one was there. Dammit! Where was she. He began looking around. The closets, the bathrooms, the kitchen. Not a single sign of a female anywhere. What the hell was going on here. Now he really was worried, that there was nothing going on between the two and his hopes of Trent leading him to Abby were all but dashed. He had one more play left, and tonight was the night.

Cole arrived at three am. He let himself into Trent’s house the same way as before. He returned the pocket watch, making sure to place it where he had taken it from, but not the photo. That would give Trent some pause for thought. Maybe he would think he was loosing his mind. He sure looked like he was sleeping soundly. He decided it was time to go, the mind play from the watch would be enough for now, because maybe he had been wrong about Trent having something with Abby.

As he was making his way out of the house, he noticed the two large suitcases by the garage door. Well, well, well, what is this? Going somewhere, Trent? About that time he heard the alarm clock go off. Two hours early. He made a hasty retreat, returned to his car, and drove around the block to watch.

Trent left home, two hours early. He was so excited to finally be making this trip, he didn’t noticed the car following him. Following all the way to the airport, and parking in long term parking. He didn’t notice the man following him to check in, then stepping out of line, once Trent got his boarding pass.

Ecuador? What the hell is in Ecuador? I don’t know, but I’m damn well going to find out.

He pulled his last hundred dollar bill out of his pocket and returned hastily to the ticket counter. He explained hurriedly that the man that had been in front of him in line had dropped the bill, and if she could be so kind as to tell him which gate he was going to, he could return the bill. The agent looked and told him gate 4C. He then went to the arrival/departure board and located gate 4C. Departing for Guayaquil Ecuador. He then pulled out his cell phone, called Virginia Steel and asked to speak to Trent Dumas. He was informed Mr. Dumas was on vacation. So it wasn’t a business trip. Throwing caution to the wind, he returned to the ticketing counter and bought a ticket, not for the same flight, but the next one. Praying the credit card would not be declined, he vowed that he too was going to Ecuador.

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Scarlett Braden
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  1. Brrrr, ended with a chill running up and down my arms!

  2. What a stalker this guy is... This is great - wondering how far ahead you write this story and whether it will all end in a final climax, or a cliffhanger.
    Maui Jungalow

    1. Courtney, Thank you! The story on the blog will end with X. These are all excerpts from a new book I am writing. So the blog will end in a cliffhanger, the book in a climax. Hoping to have the book out by the end of the year.