Saturday, April 4, 2015

Devious - April A to Z Challenge "D"

Devious (Fiction)

Abby was now clearly aware that there were devious people and manipulative people, and then there was  her ex-husband.  In her now semi-rehabilitated thinking she knew he was devious with a generous dollop of manipulative on top.  She thought of it as topping on ice cream for the demented. Add to that a drinking problem and well, that was just the cherry on top. Cole would have been a psychological study’s creme of the crop specimen if one could really dissect a working brain. However, his complex personality seemed to fool even the most noted authorities on personality disorders.  He had them in spades. She was his victim, his personal project, his entertainment. She was his experiment.

Somehow, just when she was at her breaking point, when he had almost succeeded in obliterating her soul, she found the strength to run, and run hard.  But the harder and further she ran, the longer his grasp seemed to be. It wasn’t enough that she couldn’t sleep, waking with a racing a heart and a definite flight response. Or that she was constantly looking over her shoulder. She wasn’t just running from him physically, the way his devious manipulation had interwoven itself through her psyche could not be out run.

Just at that moment of realization and frustration, the next dreaded text message that seemed to come at almost regular intervals: “Abby, he’s crazy again. Get out of town, he says he knows where you are and it is time to teach you that no one runs from him.”  She is now haunted and hunted, with the knowledge that only she knows...that he has killed before and aims to kill again.

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Scarlett Braden
in Cuenca, Living the good life!


  1. Gracias Senorita, yep I am kind of wanting to close myself up and just write, write and write some more. Gonna have to learn to balance.

  2. There is no such thing. You are OCD, might as well just put a lock on the door!

  3. I have never commented on anything before but sense you are a friend i thought I would say that I am liking this story line so far you are leaving me wanting keep up the good work can"t wait for the next part

  4. topping on ice cream for the demented. I loved that phrase!