Sunday, September 25, 2016

Christmas came early!

I've mentioned it, but maybe you haven't heard.  I had this idea of my author friends here in Cuenca putting together an Anthology. A collection of stories about friendships- especially as expats. And we did, but some of our writing friends outside Cuenca asked to join us. And the project got bigger and bigger. In fact, everything from proofreading to cover art and design and all the stories within were donated. Zero Latitude Books in Cuenca is the publisher. Garry Kaulitz is the cover artist. 37 Authors, 45 stories and it's available NOW!

All the royalties will go directly to Proyecto Saman, a project housing 50 families devasted and left homeless by the April 16th earthquake, providing jobs for those families, and rebuilding permanent homes in Canoa. It's been five months since the quake, and a new normal is taking hold at the Proyecto Saman camp. Look at the resilience of these people, working hard every day to get their lives back.

The anthology is a collection of nonfiction true stories accompanied by fiction...suspense, mystery, romance, even sci-fi. It includes a little bit for everyone. There are even a few stories with dogs, a horse, and a mule. If you are considering or even ever thought about the expat lifestyle it's a great introduction to all the ways friends play a part in our lives.  Have an expat friend? What a lovely gift- send an ebook anywhere in the world.

And today is the day!! September 25th. My 2nd anniversary in Cuenca. My birthday. And Christmas for the families in Canoa. At least it will be if you click on the link below, and jump over to Amazon and purchase our Anthology. Only $5.99 for the Ebook, if you are in the US, Canada or Europe you can get the print book for $19.99. And ALL the proceeds help rebuild Ecuador.

Maybe our book will be a best-seller. And then it's Christmas for the 37 authors too! And a bigger Christmas for Proyecto Saman and the families in Canoa.  Will you help us make Christmas happen?

 Please Click Here to buy your copy!

Merry Christmas in September!  We thank you!!

We're having a big party today in Cuenca to celebrate the launch of the book. All our authors and friends will be sharing pictures over social media. Look for #FriendsInForeignPlaces and #EcuadorEarthquakeRelief- and I'll write another blog next week to tell you all about it and share some photos. Have a beautiful day, wherever in the world you are and know that we thank you for your support!

Scarlett Loving life in Cuenca!