Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for Notification - April A to Z Challenge

Abby’s Instant Messenger dinged:

Lizzy: Abby, Cole is going crazy again. Hunter was over there a little while ago, ten am on a Sunday morning, he was already drunk and going off on you. You are the cause of every problem he has. He has found out you have moved away. He thinks you are either in Kansas or Alabama. He says he has an attorney looking for you and he will find you. He says when he does he is going to kill you.

Abby: Oh great. My whole family has relocated to different states since I left him. How in the hell does he already know where they all are? I am not there, but I don’t want him going after them to get to me.

Lizzy: In some ways I wish I knew where you were, but I’m glad I don’t and understand why you haven’t told me.

Abby: Yeah, Lizzy, it’s definitely better that you don’t know. I know Forest and Cole don’t know you talk to me, but you never know. Despite him knowing where my family is, I can’t imagine why an attorney would be looking for me. The divorce is over, there is nothing left. So I think he is blowing smoke. I will give the family a head’s up. Let me know if anything else materializes.

Lizzy: Hunter said he was sitting in a chair dry firing his gun, saying over and over, I should have killed the bitch. Hunter kept trying to change the subject, and Cole just kept repeating it over and over, ‘til Hunter finally just left. That man is crazy and scares me to death.

Abby: I know, me too. I’m so thankful to have you, to let me know when he runs off the rail. Don’t forget to delete these messages, I will do the same. Stay safe. Thanks again, you are the best.

Lizzy: I will, you too. Talk to you soon.

Abby took a deep breath. She really was lucky. Forest was Cole’s best friend. His wife Lizzy, hated Cole and adored Abby. So she always let her know when something big was going on. The problem was it was so regular that Abby was getting weary with it. She felt safe now that she had left the continent. Even if Cole tried to get to her, first the airlines probably wouldn’t let him board because he always reeked of alcohol, secondly, she had no address here. But now she had to fear for her family. How in the world had he found them. 

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  1. Cole sounds like bad, bad news.

    Good luck with the A to Z Challenge!
    A to Z Co-Host S. L. Hennessy