Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"F is for Flirt" April A to Z Blog Challenge

“Darlin, if I didn’t know that this move was the best thing for you I would do everything in my power to convince you to stay.”

Oh damn! Why did he have to say something like that?  I know not to trust my instincts about men, but has a man ever put my needs before his desires?  Be still my heart. Settle down, they are only words, just flirting.  “Wow, you are a charming flirt aren’t you? Thank you for that.  I think it is the best thing for me. At least for a few years. Then maybe I can come back.  Will you come see me?”

“Yes, I will. I would love to visit Ecuador.  But we aren’t done just because you are leaving. I can’t stand the thought of not talking to you. You have to promise that we will still talk, every day.  I need to see you, too, we need Skype.  I don’t have a great imagination and I need to see that gorgeous face, your smile, and hear your laugh too.”  It’s true she has laughed more the last two weeks, than in the last ten years. She is starting to feel good about herself again and dare she think...  Happy.

“We can skype.  But it’s 4 am and I have to be up in three hours to start my drive. I will call you when I get to the hotel tomorrow. But for now I have to go try to sleep on this very uncomfortable couch.”   “Sweetness, lie with your back against the back of the couch and imagine that it’s me, holding you. No one can hurt you if I’m there, sleep well and call when you can”

And she did.

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Scarlett Braden
in Cuenca, Living the good life!