Wednesday, April 15, 2015

M is for Metamophosis - April A to Z Blog Challenge

Abby’s new life was great and she was cherishing every moment of it. Despite some serious sleep deprivation from her hours and hours on the phone or skype with Trent, she awoke happy, full of purpose, and looking forward to what each day would bring. She still shook her head in disbelief when she took the time to look back and ponder upon it.

She had Trent, who seemed to make his whole purpose, twenty hours a day, about her, never failing to keep up the litany of how beautiful she was, how sexy, how funny…all the things she had not heard in years. Then there was his selflessness to boot. He had gently nudged and encouraged her to join a musical theater group. No, she had no experience there what so ever, was shy, and so trained to remain behind the scenes that the limelight really glared to her. But she was finding that she loved it, she was excelling at it, she loved the exercise of her mind that had previously begun to feel like mush, as well as the camaraderie with the group. Then, he had, not so gently, much more forcefully encouraged her to join a geocaching group. The exercise, the fresh air, the group dynamics, the exploration and the beauty of her new home revitalized in her a way she never would have dreamed. And he seemed to know these things would be good for her. He encouraged, was a cheerleader, and even pushed when necessary despite the fact that all these things took away from her time with him. He wanted to be connected to her at all times, except when she was involved in one of her activities. She felt so alive, like she never had before.


When Trent reconnected with Abby, he was so awestruck by her beauty. They had always been friends, good friends, even the best of friends. But that day, he saw her in a whole new light. The ensuing days, he discovered even more about her, how suppressed and damaged, and fearful she was. She was torn down, cynical, withdrawn, afraid and almost reclusive. Except when they talked. As time went on, she opened up to him like a rose in bloom. As she became more active and involved with others and interests around her, he saw the complete metamorphosis of this beautiful woman. She was blooming from the inside, and it was even more beautiful to watch than her stunning face. He wanted her with him every moment. The distance between them physically was killing him, but it was all worth it, to see his frightened little bird, develop into the stunning, unstoppable hummingbird, he knew she could be and would be. It was the sexiest thing he had ever experienced.

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