Friday, April 17, 2015

O is for Obsessed - April A to Z Blog Challenge

Cole’s childhood best friend was Amory Hunter. Amory had been a cop until a few years ago when he had been fired for excessive force.

Cole knew Amory was who he needed to call.

“Amory man, long time, how are you?”

“Cole? I thought you dropped off the earth. You changed your number, it’s been what five years?”

Cole felt a little chagrined, and replied “ Yeah, man, I know, I’m sorry, you know how life gets in the way. I moved to Louisiana, had a new job, blah blah blah you know how it is. Did you get reinstated, are you working?”

Amory always hated that question and it always came up. “No, still in proceedings waiting for trial. I don’t know how many more postponements they can get for one trial. Whatever happened to a speedy trial? I’m working private security now, which sucks.”

Cole felt he could make his old friend’s day. “What would you say about a little freelance work? Abby’s gone off the rail, she went a little crazy, has left, and I don’t know where she is. Do you think you could find her? I can make it worth your while”

“Cole, buddy, I sure hate to hear that, she was the best thing that ever happened to you. I certainly will see what I can do, what info can you give me?”

“Her full name is Abigail Albright Grey. I think she hooked up with a guy she used to work with, his name is Trent Dumas. They may be in Alabama or Kansas. She has family there. I really need to find her and see if I can get her back, man.” Cole knew he had to sound as calm and as sincere as possible. If Amory knew the truth he would never help him, and Cole knew this was his best shot at finding them both.

“I will see what I can find out, you should hear from me in a few days.” Amory promised him.

Amory had no clue that the real truth was not about love, but about obsession. A cruel wicked dangerous obsession. He had not heard about the disappearance of Cole’s daughter-in-law or all the suspicion that surrounded it.


A world away, another conversation about obsession was taking place. But not the scary, crazy cruel obsession, but the sweet, ecstatic obsession of a new deep mutual adoration, where everything in the world seemed right.

“Trent, some days I feel crazy again” Abby admitted a little shyly.

“Abby, you are not crazy, you have never been crazy. You were made to feel crazy, but you are one of the most sane people I know.” Trent said with a hint of agitation.

“Oh I am beginning to believe that now, what I mean is, I feel like I am obsessed. Obsessed with you. Isn’t that supposed to be a bad thing? I am loving this feeling, but does it scare you?” Abby held her breath waiting for his reply.

“Gorgeous, no way, no how, am I scared. I suppose someone on the outside would call me obsessed with you, too. I guess a mutual obsession is a good thing, right?” While it did frighten him a little, not that she was obsessed, but to admit his true feelings, he couldn’t let her feel she was hanging out there alone in this.

“ I sure hope so, I’m sure my family would call this an unhealthy relationship, hell, probably everyone would, but it sure doesn’t feel unhealthy to me.” She sure hoped it wasn’t her bad judgment creeping in again.

“Me either, sweetness. Let’s just go with it and see where it leads. Besides, my opinion is the only one that matters.”

She chuckled “Really? Your opinion is the only one that matters”

“Sure in my opinion” he quipped.

“Ok your opinion is the Only one that matters then” She laughed.

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