Saturday, April 25, 2015

V is for Vacation - April A to Z Blog Challenge

Trent had made up his mind. There was no way he could make a wise decision about Abby and his future until and unless they had some time together. He knew the only way he was going to get any peace of mind, was to go to Ecuador. Although he and Abby had talked about him going for a visit on many occasions, he hoped that she was going to be excited about his coming.

“Good morning, Gorgeous. You know you are the only person I have ever known in my life that wakes up as gorgeous as she goes to bed.”

Abby groaned, “Really? How is a girl supposed to resist that kind of statement? Even if she knows the very handsome man making it is lying. Good Morning, Trent. It’s good to see you.”

“Well it has been four whole hours since you saw me last. I for one, think that is entirely too long. But I know you need your sleep.”

“Oh my goodness, you sure are full of it this morning. What has you in such a good mood?”

“I couldn’t sleep last night, so I was thinking. And I made a decision. How would you feel about me coming to Ecuador for a visit?”

“Well, you have been saying you were going to come since before I left the States. Why would you wonder how I would feel about it? Honestly, I think it’s just empty promises and chatter. I don’t think you will ever take off from work long enough to come.”

“Abby, I booked a ticket this morning”

“ Oh my gosh! Really? You are really coming? When? I can’t believe it, oh my gosh. When, when when, how soon?”

“ Um, well, I guess by that response, you are ok with it” he chuckled. “In six weeks. I have to tie up loose ends here and get someone to cover me at work. I can do that and come for a month. If that isn’t too long for me to stay.”

Without thinking, Abby blurted “The only thing better than a month would be forever. I can’t wait. There is so much I want to show you! What are you telling your family and work about being gone that long?”

“I’m going to tell them I’m going to Ecuador. They might as well get used to it.”

Abby was so excited she could hardly concentrate. She immediately started a list of all the places they would go and the things they would do. She didn’t need to make a list to know the first thing she would do when he arrived. She absolutely could not wait to feel his arms around her or to kiss those lips that up until now she could only look at and dream about. She knew she needed the list to remind her of why she would need to leave the comfort of his arms and her beloved dragon tattoo.


When Trent left for work that morning, all his thoughts were on Abby, his impending vacation, and the bliss he felt. His step was light, there was a smile on his face and he worked hard to concentrate just enough on his driving to be safe. He never glanced in the rear view mirror. He never knew there was someone back there who was intently interested in all things Trent Dumas. 

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Scarlett Braden
in Cuenca, Living the good life!