Thursday, April 23, 2015

T is for Treasure - April A to Z Blog Challenge

“My watch is missing!” Trent exclaimed when he called Abby on Tuesday morning.

“The one you said is your prized possession?”

“Yes, I had it last night, this morning I can’t find it.”

“You had it last night at home, or out?”

“I had it at the business dinner, it was in my pocket. This morning I can’t find it. I can’t remember having it after I got home, but I think if I hadn’t I would have noticed when I emptied my pockets.”

“May I ask why it’s your most important possession”

“My grandfather gave it to me. His grandfather gave it to him. My grandfather was the most important person in my life. He practically raised us after mom and dad got divorced and I told him I would always treasure it. I have, I do, and now it’s gone, that watch is almost 150 years old”

“I assume you have looked everywhere at home. Have you tried calling the restaurant to see if maybe it was turned in to the lost and found?”

“Yes I did, it has not.”

“Darn Trent, I am so sorry. Maybe it will still turn up, could it have slipped out of your pocket in your truck?”


Cole sat in the dark room, the curtains closed. He was feeling rather pleased with himself. He didn’t have any way of knowing how valuable the treasure in his hand was to its owner, but he felt sure its disappearance would have some kind of impact. What he treasured most was hoping that fear would strike when it was discovered what two items were missing. He didn’t know which of the two items in his hands the rightful owner treasured most, but he knew he treasured the picture of Abby. The pocket watch was just the icing on the cake.

It had taken supreme willpower for him to slip into Trent’s house last night while the man was sleeping and not kill him. But before he did away with him, he wanted to play with his mind a little. He wanted Trent to know the fear that he had the ability to end his life and Abby’s too.

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Scarlett Braden
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  1. Wow! Ok, I am reading your blog backwards, can you tell? I recall Abby and Cole from another story down the road. Complex. Not sure if I should include any grammar suggestions but the "it's owner" in "He didn’t have any way of knowing how valuable the treasure in his hand was to it’s owner," I think should be its. Since you're referring to a possessive, not a contraction. You can google it to double check. It's vs. its. Hope you don't take offense.
    Maui Jungalow

  2. No offense taken, you are absolutely correct, a typo. Thank you for alerting me. And thanks for reading my blog.