Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W is for Dr. Wesley Newome #atozchallenge

Blogging through April and the alphabet with the characters of the Providence in Ecuador series and today brings us to W and Dr. Wesley Newsome.

I'm Dr. Wesley Newsom and I appear in Peril in the Bayou. You can call me Wesley since I'm now retired. My daughter is Sarah Frances and my granddaughter is Lily Grace. Those two girls mean more to me than a golf game on a sunny day.

I recently retired and I was really having a hard time knowing what to do with my days.  My lovely bride Camille was still involved in her social groups and charities which occupied her time for so many years. But due to pressing circumstances we recently relocated to a new town. We needed to stay in the South. Things are just different in the south and it's comfortable for us at our age. So we moved to Texas.

It's true what they say about Texas. Everything really is bigger. We bought a house, a fixer-upper and it's given Camille and me an outlet and something to do. I'm not far from the golf course and I've made a few friends there. I still play about once a week and I believe that's really enough. I always thought when I retired I would play every day, but that would make it boring before long I believe.

I talked to Sarah Frances the other day, she mentioned she's thinking about writing a book. Maybe that's something I could try. Camille and I joined a book club here. She's always been a reader but for the past forty years about all I've read are medical journals. I'm enjoying reading mysteries and thrillers. It seems there are lots of writers in Texas.  Who knows, maybe it's not impossible to teach an old dog a new trick. Maybe Camille and I could be one of those writer couples. What do you think? Is it crazy to start writing books after retirement?

I hope you are enjoying the A to Z challenge, though it's coming to a close. Have a great humpday!

Scarlett, Loving life in Cuenca!


  1. Medical mysteries spring to mind. Writing at any time is good.

    1. Good morning Jo! What a great idea. I love a good medical mystery.