Wednesday, April 13, 2016

K is for Kendall Scott #atozchallenge

K is for Kendall Scott

     I'm Kendall and I will be your host today for the A to Z challenge. I appear in the first book of the series and have a mention or two in the second book. Abby Grey is my mom and Cole is my step dad.

I'm a grown man now, but growing up with my mom was a little unusual. Don't get me wrong, she's a great mom, just a little different. Can you image what people were saying when I told them she was moving to Ecuador? I mean I work for the government, I can't say exactly what I do, but people began to wonder if I knew something they should know.

I didn't tell anyone except my wife Brenna until I knew for sure it was happening. You see, my mom is a little ADHD. She has a tendency to start things and then well change her mind. When she first approached me about moving to Ecuador, I thought it was an eccentric whim. But I was wrong. She actually did it!

My wife and I got a kick out of Mom saying she should win the Mother-In-Law of the year award because she was leaving the country. And then my grandmother went too!  Now that they live there it makes for great party conversation. I think it's amazing how many people want to know all about her life now.

Actually, I think it's pretty cool she did it. I'm proud of her. Even when I miss her. Mostly I miss the holidays, but between Brenna and I, we have plenty of family members here for holidays. I'm looking forward to going to visit her in Ecuador soon. At least, we have technology and she's always just an internet call away.

I'm really glad she's happy again, and I have fun kidding around about being an orphan. Mom says she ran away, my friends think it's hysterical when I say my mom ran away from home. But this is the same mom that really got into those adult coloring books and used to send me pictures in college to go on my fridge.  Yep, that's my mom, my friends think she's cool. To me, she's just Mom, and I hope I can be as adventurous as she is when I grow up.

I know I didn't tell you much about me, but I don't like talking about me. Hopefully, you know who I am a little bit from my relationship with my mom and how I react to such things like her moving to another continent. Thanks for coming by and reading our blog.

If your following the A to Z, the list of participants is here.

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Scarlett Loving life in Cuenca!


  1. Sounds like a loving son. Never asked you, but what is the health situation like in Ecuador? I'm getting like Kendall's friends.

    1. Good morning Jo! I'm guessing by health you mean health care? One thing I've learned about talking about expat life is everyone has an opinion and they aren't always the same. In my opinion and many others the healthcare here is fabulous. For others, they don't like it. I would be more than happy to share my experiences with you. Drop me an email and we can talk privately. For the record, my Doc here is a Harvard grad. A visit cost $20.00. And I LOVE him! My health is musc improved here for a variety of reasons.

  2. Well done, and very intriguing! Nicely written.

  3. Thank you very much! And welcome back. I appreciate you coming and reading.