Monday, April 11, 2016

I is for Isabel Smith #atozchallenge

My name is Isabel Smith. I'm FBI special agent in charge in the Memphis field office. It's not very often my first name lands me any special favors, but it seems I'm the only character with a name that starts with "I" so I get to be your host today.

They told me to share some interesting facts about myself, that won't appear in the book. Speaking of the book, I appear in the third book, Terror on the Bluff. Scarlett said Alyssa Milano would be a shoe in to play my part. I've been called her doppelganger more than once. It's pretty flattering since she's actually a year or two younger than me, well that's my story anyway.

I don't tell many people this, but I'm originally from Nashville. You got it, the home of country music. I went to Vanderbilt University and worked really hard to lose that Tennessee accent. It was still there when I showed up at Quantico and I didn't think I would ever live it down. But I lost it in Virginia of all places. Then I found myself reassigned right back in Tennessee again.  Fate or karma, I'm not sure which, but I don't believe in coincidence, so some supreme being must have something to do with me being back in my home state. I don't mind being here, near family because my family is close and I like just being a few hours away.

I'm still single, much to my mother's chagrin. She's fond of telling me that she's certain to be in the grave before I walk down the aisle. At least, she gave up harassing me about kids when I hit forty. She has nine grandchildren courtesy of my sister and brother, you would think that's enough right? It's really hard for an FBI agent to meet a suitable guy. The guys I run into at's just not smart for an agent to be involved with a criminal, know what I mean? The guys I work with are more like brothers and dating a co-worker, well it just doesn't get any dumber than that. So it's just me and my dog. A froo froo white Bichon named Grace for Holly Hunter's character Grace Hanadarko. I just love that show. I have the DVDs and watch it over and over. Take that can cancel a show, but you can't kill it anymore.

Sorry, I digress. So anyway, I'm not teased about my accent anymore. I work really hard at being professional and commanding the respect of my fellow agents. Sometimes I believe they think I'm a nerd, even though I don't mention my alma matter unless it's pertinent. But I guess there are worse things to be thought than a brainiac. I'm not sure what else you might want to know about me. My favorite color is green, my guilty pleasure is a twice monthly mani-pedi, and I secretly can eat nearly a whole loaf of bread if it's made into BLT sandwiches.  Let's just keep that among us.

Oops, my phone is ringing. Gotta go, but if you are browsing the A to Z participants you can find them here.

Thanks for coming by, it was a pleasure to meet you and Scarlett is just tickled that you all come to read her blog. Have a great week, tomorrow you get to be charmed by the one and only Jake.

Scarlett Loving life in Cuenca!


  1. A friend had two Bichon and I thought they were poodles at first. Cute little dogs. Hard for women to make it in a men's world like the FBI

    1. It's really hard to tell the difference in Poodles and Bichons. I've had both and the only way I can tell the difference looking at them is if they are groomed properly. But the personalities are very different I think.

  2. Great a-z theme. Enjoyed meeting Isabel. She sounds pretty interesting.

    Weekends In Maine

    1. Thank you and thanks for coming by and reading my blog.