Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Samantha Orlando #atozchallenge

O is for Samantha Orlando

I'm Samantha. Please don't call me Sam. Not that I have anything against the name, except that Sam Orlando is my father.

He's also the reason I went into law and became a defense attorney. I don't like him very much. He was one of those overbearing absentee fathers.  How can a father be both overbearing and absentee you ask?  He was the New Orleans D.A. for most of my childhood and then he became a judge. He was never at home, but he still somehow ruled our roost with an iron fist.

I admit to being rebellious. Who wouldn't be? So I did the thing I knew would drive him the craziest. I became a lawyer and defend the very criminals he spent his entire life trying to put away.  There really isn't much he can say about it either. Since he is a staunch supporter of our justice system, he can't deny the right of the accused to have proper council. It just really chaps him that I'm as good at what I do as he ever was. At the time I started this career he was a D.A. and I knew I might be fighting against him. I never thought about me being in his courtroom.

Since I'm from New Orleans, I'm sure you surmised I appear in Peril in the Bayou. I didn't have a large role in that book, but I recently had to leave town. Disappear, if you will.  Who knows where I might end up next. I'm single, ambitious, and not bad looking. Scarlett seems pretty good at matching folks up, maybe I'll get to reappear in another book and there will finally be that someone special for me.

I know I pretty much put myself in the position I'm in right now, all out of rebelliousness and spite. Maybe it's time to let that go, and start living for myself. I think this last client of mine might have been a little more evil than I'm prepared to deal with. But that whole situation was just the catalyst I needed to get out of town. I can start a new life now, I just have to decide where to go. Would you like to help me decide? Where should a southern lawyer go who wants to start over?

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Scarlett, Loving life in Cuenca!


  1. You have "overhearing" early on instead of "overbearing." I sure wish someone would tell me the typos they find. I didn't sign up for A to Z this year. I have done it a few years. I got busy with my yard/garden, renovation on the house, and laundry. Sad excuses. I have 14 blogs. Only 3 are as currant as I want them to be. I don't have any fiction on my blogs, yet.

    1. Thank you! I corrected the mistake. I can hardly keep up with the one blog. 14? I would need a checklist I think. Personally I think 3 blogs current is an amazing accomplishment. Thanks for coming by and reading my blog.

  2. Well we hear there are ex mobsters relocated in the Ozarks :) My husband visited one of the homes actually while he was a narcotics officer. My lips are sealed tho on the exact location.
    Stephanie Finnell
    @randallbychance from
    Katy Trail Creations
    Stephanies Stuff

    1. Hmmm that could be another story altogether. Thanks for the thought! And thanks for coming by and reading my blog.

  3. Another typo "as good as (at) what I do". Maybe she should move to Ecuador to join everyone else.

    1. Thank you, corrected!I don't think so, we only want the nice people in Ecuador, lol. Let's face it everyone can't come here, it would get too crowded and be too much like the old country. Then it wouldn't be an adventure anymore.