Thursday, April 27, 2017

W is for WIN!

Good Morning,

As many of you know, I'm pretty much failing at the A-Z challenge. The posts have been there up to now, but I haven't had the time to post the links or visit other blogs.

 Life got too hectic. But I can't miss the opportunity to pass on a chance to win a $120 Amazon Gift Certificate to you!

12 Authors banded together to offer you this chance. All you have to do is sign up for ONE of the participating author's newsletters (email list) and you are entered to win!  For each one you sign up for, you get another entry. There are only 3 more days to enter- please share with your friends too.

Here is my brief description of each of the authors, pick one or two or all of us you would like to get to know better! the link to enter is at the bottom of the page. There is Sci-Fy, Paranormal, ROmance, Poetry, Mystery, Suspense, Women's Fiction and Travel represented in this group- so something for everyone.

Andra Watkins: Do you know NYT Bestselling author Andra Watkins? I do. She is zany, energetic, inspirational and she writes the weirdest stuff. Historical fiction full of ghosts and sex! 

Barbara Snow: Do you know Barbara Snow? I do. She's soulful, a bit rebellious, loving and as much fun as horseback riding. Want to get to know her too? Sign up for her newsletter. She writes, Poetry, creative non-fiction, and her newest series- well maybe it'll be called Shaman Suspense or Magical Realism.

Cameron Lowe: Do you know Cameron Lowe? I do. He writes ghost stories. But they are NOT your camp ghost stories. Sign up for his newsletter and get to know Cameron, too. Maybe he will share some of his "The Life of Cam & Yoda" stories with you about his life with a talking pug. They'll leave you in stitches! 

Carolyn Hamilton: Do you know Carolyn Hamilton? Or as an artist, she's known as Caro. I do. She can wear scarves and turbans and earrings like no one else I know and is an amazing artist. She writes mysteries and adult coloring books, and an autobiography about being a Playboy bunny and working in Vegas. She also has Adventuress Travel Ezine.  

George Wier: Do you know George Wier? I do. He's called the Titan of Texas Fiction, he's an artist, a musician, and he loves to tell a good joke. He loves to write song lyrics, just to incorporate into his novels almost as much as he loves his new granddaughter. He writes Mystery, Steampunk, and Sci-Fi. If you want to get to know George too, sign up for his email list and you might win that Amazon gift certificate! George lives in Texas- if you get to know him, you might even get to meet him someday.

J. Michael Herron: Do you know J. Michael Herron? I do. This is a man who loves to read Sci-Fi and Thrillers and when he sat down to write a book it turned out to be a Romance with mythological influences. He has a wonderfully lucky wife because his everyday responses in conversation will make a lady swoon. But he's also a deep thinker.

Joss Burnel: Do you know Joss Burnel? I do. She walks the sweetest spiritual walk, with a tune in her head. She's been a poet for -oh she'll kill me if I say how many years- since she was 14- yeah, that's safe. And now she is writing unique women's fiction due out this year. 

Kirsten Delaney: Do you know Kirsten Delaney? Me either! So I signed up for his newsletter to learn more about him. You can too.  Please share with your friends- Maybe THEY know Kirsten.    

Paul Anlee: Do you know Paul Anlee? I do. Paul Anlee is the pen-name for a husband and wife writing and editing team. He is a scientist and she approaches writing and editing scientifically. Together they have a new series coming out that is galaxies beyond pop Sci-fy. And these kids (just a hair older than me) do Tai Chi 3-4 days a week!  

Summer Prescott: Do you know Summer Prescott? I do. Well sort of. Turns out Summer Prescott is a pen name too. I was talking with a lady in an online writer's group. Naturally, I googled her. Nothing. So I asked for a link to her book(s). Sly- right? When she sent me the link and I clicked it, I almost fell out of my chair. I've been reading her cozy mysteries (with a food theme) for YEARS.  

T.R. Harris: Do you know T.R. Harris?  I do. Well, again- I know him virtually. Through mutual writer friends and a couple of online groups for writers. He used to live in Mexico, but he's back in the U.S. now..something about a government agency..the CIA? NSA? I can't remember. Anyway, he's a prolific writer of Sci-fi and cranks out a book about every 6 weeks. He co-writes a series with George Wier too.

So those, along with myself are our authors. Click below and win the money for a cart full of books, or a fitbit even. 

Click Here to Enter. 

 Have a great day, everybody!

 Loving life in Cuenca!


  1. Don't feel bad about not doing all the aspects of the A to Z challenge. Life does get in the way. I, at least, find it gets me to working harder on my blog.

  2. Participatin in A-Z Challenge at all makes you a WINNER--a little crazy given the rest of your schedule, sure, but a winner nonetheless. That you promote so many of your friends and colleagues along the way is a big ol' cherry on top. You're everybody's best cheerleader, Scarlett. We love you, and you'll always be a winner in our eyes. <3 Now, get back to work! ;-)

  3. Scarlett, you are always a winner! Life happens. Schedules shift. You are always there supporting author friends, both prior and new. And your own writing is so much fun to read that we need more of it!