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N is for Nature-Based Spirituality

Welcome to Frankly Scarlett's April A to Z Blog Challenge.

This year my theme is A Goddess' Glossary and we are looking at terms utilized by Goddesses, Priestesses, Shamans and Witches. These are terms that might occur in my new fantasy series, Paisley Cove.


 N is for Nature-Based Spirituality

Nature-based spirituality worships earth, nature, gods and goddesses and sometimes even space. Most indigenous faiths are based in part or entirely on nature as well as some of the following.
Paganism is a nature based religion, Animism is the belief that all living organism possess a spirit, Wicca practitioners believe in an earth mother goddess, Druidism is the belief that the natural world is divine, and Pantheism is the belief that all matter is interconnected.

Christians believe that God created all nature, so wouldn't that put all living things on the same plane as humans? Just a thought. Feel free to express your opinions in the comments, but please be respectful to all.

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Tomorrow we explore Out-Of-Body experiences.

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