Saturday, April 8, 2017

G is for Goddess

Welcome to Frankly Scarlett's April A to Z Blog Challenge.

This year my theme is A Goddess' Glossary and we are looking at terms utilized by Goddesses, Priestesses, Shamans and Witches. These are terms that might occur in my new fantasy series, Paisley Cove.

G is for Goddess

Most of us understand that a goddess is a female deity. She represents the female creative, peacefulness, wisdom. She is the life giving force of the universe and she has the ability to represent all women. Goddesses are neither subservient or asexual. There is an essence of the goddess in all of us, and pagans believe we need to focus on our inner goddess to give us strength and clarity. Pagans also believe in worshiping or honoring the goddess. 

Mythology, Gods, Goddess, God, Olympus, Antiquity
Phoebe will learn to access her inner goddess.

Tomorrow we will explore herbs.

  Loving life in Cuenca!

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  1. Phoebe's discovery of her inner goddess will be fun to read. I just know it.