Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I is for Intention

Welcome to Frankly Scarlett's April A to Z Blog Challenge.

This year my theme is A Goddess' Glossary and we are looking at terms utilized by Goddesses, Priestesses, Shamans and Witches. These are terms that might occur in my new fantasy series, Paisley Cove.

I is for Intention

"Our Intention creates our reality." ~ Wayne Dyer  
Witches and their counterparts, believe fully that by setting an intention your desires and actions carry more power. Especially if the intention is an honorable one. Intention is the foundation of all that a cleric or spiritual person relies upon for manifestations of any type. 

Have you ever played darts? If you focus totally on the bulls-eye, with all of your concentration centered on that one center circle, your dart is very likely to end up there. That would be an example of intention. 

Magic Tricks, Fire, Flame, Show

Tomorrow we will learn about the Jaguar!

  Loving life in Cuenca!


  1. Very much like the belief that "positive thoughts attract positive outcomes" - which is definitely what I believe.
    If you think good, happy, positive thoughts then more positive, happy things are likely to happen!

    Believe In Fairy Stories: Theme - Folklore & Fairy Tales

  2. I love the imagery of focussing on the bull's eye! I am learning to do that very thing, more and more.