Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Spoken Word

 Our writing community in Cuenca is so special. There are approximately sixty writers in town. Som write non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, blogs, travel and fiction (all genres) and we have a super network of support.

There are two writers groups in Cuenca, but once a month we come together for The Spoken Word. Eight to ten of us will do a fifteen or so minute reading. The food is good, the company is good, the readings are always entertaining and it's such a fun evening. Tonight I wasn't reading so I did something I never ever do. I took selfies. With some of my writer friends. Aren't we a cast of characters?

Barbara Snow is a novelist and poet.
J.Michael Herron writes romance and romantic suspense.
Susan Herron does my book covers.
Sandra and Wayne Miteri are co-writing a Sci-Fi trilogy.
George Forgues is famous as Ecuador George, with the best darn blog about Cuenca.
Sara Coppler says she's not a writer, but she produces Zero Latitude Living magazine and is our best supporter and cheerleader.
Georgina Nunez is working on a three volume autobiography.

Frances Augusta Hogg (Lochow) is a writer and editor.

That's how we literary types spend a Thursday night in Cuenca. Have a great weekend!

Scarlett in Cuenca Living the good life!

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  1. Damn. That looks like fun. Wish we had a cool writing community like you guys.